Make the most of your time at The FORGE

You’ve cleared your schedule. You’ve got your tickets and you may even be presenting. Now what? Use the following tips to make the most of your time at The FORGE!

Have a goal in mind: Are you aiming to network, share your research or to master your presentation skills? Maybe you hoping to learn more about your field or gain feedback regarding your research? Whatever the reason, define a goal and work towards this. It will help you prioritize your time. Try setting yourself some small targets, for example network with a certain number of people, or have a chat with someone about the latest news in your field.

Plan ahead: Once the program is out, plan! Check to see which presentations you want to see, find out who the keynote speakers are – see if anyone is attending that you want to network with. Consider reaching out to some other attendees to make plans to meet. This could even be plans outside of the conference for some sight-seeing or exploring. Before you arrive at The FORGE, you should be ready with a plan of action of what you’re going to do and who you’re going to see.

Pick the perfect accommodation: If you’re attending in-person, choose accommodation close the venue: The MAC Theatre. While it might be cheaper to stay further away, these savings will be eaten up by the cost of travelling to and from the event. Being further away can also cause stress with networking or social events outside of the conference. Book your accommodation early to save money, and make sure you know the travel options to and from The MAC Theatre.

Choose wisely: We’re planning to feature  three concurrent tracks running, so you won’t be able to attend all the presentations. Prioritize the sessions you are most interested in; the ones which will help with your research. Make sure to also attend poster presentations, as they can be a fantastic place to learn and network with others. 

Talk to colleagues: Compare schedules with your friends and colleagues. There may be something that they have included that will interest you. Create chat groups and keep in touch with them during the conference to share any interesting talks or poster presentations that might be worth attending.

Socialize and network: There will be plenty of opportunities to network, learn and collaborate. Networking is very important and can result in collaborations, job opportunities, long-lasting friendships and more.

Be prepared: There will be a lot of information for you to process, both from presentations and from meeting new people. Be ready with either pen and paper or a laptop/tablet to take notes on all that you have learnt and to capture your own thoughts and ideas. Take notes on conversations with new people so you remember who they are and what you have in common – when you reach out to them later, you can do so with a more friendly and personalized message.

Present: If you have research to show – do it! Science conferences are a great opportunity for you to showcase your work and share with the community. There are many benefits to presenting your research, we have a blog <here> that tells you the top 6 reasons to present.

There are so many opportunities to network and learn at conferences, make sure you make the most of your time there with our top tips!

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