Introducing our plenary speakers: Richard Tweedie

Richard Tweedie, Chair of PCIG

Richard Tweedie has developed particulate instrumentation for more than 20 years. Originally, a designer of emergency medical systems, his PhD is in the use of flow cytometry to characterize blood cells.

He worked for Malvern Instruments developing ultrasound spectroscopy systems and managed the Dispersion Technology group including dynamic light scattering (DLS) system. His experience covers a wide range of length scales from nanometres to millimetres from high concentration process applications to low concentration ambient air sensing systems. In addition to particulate expertise, he focuses on understanding the thermodynamic and hydrodynamic physics of problems and he uses his expertise of electronic, software and mechanical systems to develop solutions for industries including oil exploration, speciality chemicals, bulk chemicals, food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

He is a visiting academic at the University of Leeds with a research goal of understanding the link between particle structure and functional properties including size distribution, shape and rheology/ flow for both high concentration liquids and powders. He develops in-situ sensors and studies the impact of process and material characteristics on the measurement physics.

He is a chartered engineer and chartered physicist and has been chairman of LBI37 the BSI Particle Characterization Standards committee and a member of ISO standards committees TC24/SC4 and TC281 for particle characterization and ultra fine bubbles.

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