Introducing our plenary speakers: Kathy Sanders

Kathy Sanders

Kathy Sanders, Director and Manager of Analytical Sciences, Material Science & Engineering (AS, MS&E) at global Organon with 25+ years of experience in solving problems in the Pharmaceutical Industry in various roles:

Assistant group leader Methodology & Structural Analyses (Diosynth , Oss, Netherlands, 12 years)
Co-establisher of a mass spectrometry lab for troubleshooting and structure analyses (elucidation/identification and quantification) of
small molecules and peptides .Techniques GC/Headspace/FID/MS, LC/UV/MSn ,Q-TOF and NMR 1D/2D).

Scientist Analytical Sciences Chemistry (Organon/Schering Plough, Oss Netherlands, 6 years)
Project Scientist Insuline/Heparine/Danaparoid etc.

Senior Project Scientist Centre for Material/Science & Engineering  (MSD,  Oss Netherlands, 3 years)
Co-establisher of CMSE in Europe. Labs for physical characterization of drug substance, drug product and excipients, extraneous matter investigations, product/packaging issues. Techniques: PSD, SEM-EDX, FTIR microscope, Microscopy, Water Activity, DSC, TGA, DVS, Flodex, Bulk & Tapped density.

Director global Material Science and Characterization (MSD Animal Health, Boxmeer/Oss, the Netherlands, 6 years)
Led the establishment of Material Science & Characterization building the Organization at the Pivot Park (Science Park, Oss) to 15 FTE in 4 laboratories/center of excellences: Extraneous Matter, API characterization, PSD by laser diffraction and Packaging.

Director global Material Science & Engineering (“New” Organon, Oss, the Netherlands, 10 months)
Since May 2021 after spin-off from MSD.  Establish Material Science & Engineering labs from scratch at the Pivot Park (Science Park, Oss) to globally support Organon. Comparable role to previous role with extra focus on production.

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