Forge 22: Powerpoint guidance

Presenting at a conference

All speakers: PowerPoint guidelines

Your effort in producing your PowerPoint presentation will be wasted if your audience cannot read it! Therefore, please pay particular attention to the following guidelines:

  • Avoid corporate advertising in your presentation;
  • Text on slides;
    • 7×7 guideline: A maximum of seven words per line and seven lines per slide will improve the communication value of your slide;
    • Use high-contrast lettering and readable standard font as provided in the conference speaker template (minimum font size 24);
    • Edit titles and long sentences to fit into only one line;
    • Use only one sub-level;
    • Boldface text carries more weight;
    • Use color with purpose, not as decoration;
    • Do not use footnotes;
  • Visual aids used in a presentation must be as simple as possible, you will have to eliminate all unnecessary details;
  • Ensure that you are allowed to use the images contained in your presentation and disclose the source;
  • Provide reference sources in case you’re quoting;
  • How many slides? Better to have more slides with less information on each slide, than fewer more detailed slides, but keep your time schedule in mind; too many slides hinder you from finishing in time; you should have sufficient time to explain every slide without speaking too fast due to time pressure.