Announcing FORGE 22

Following the success of the THE FORGE in March 2021 PCIG is planning to run an event in March 23-24. Join us for an interactive, online experience. The FORGE 22 will provide a platform for students and established industry figures to come together to showcase your research, share your passions for your ideas, inspire others, and network. 

We are have started building a program that will feature inspiring plenaries, the latest research in pharmaceutical formulations, quick-fire poster sessions, networking opportunities and more. If you want to be part of the planning or contribute your ideas now is the time… contact us >>

Why you should get involved

As we come out of the Covid-19 pandemic (hopefully) the PCIG wants to take the lessons learned in hosting online meetings and combine these with a physical event to increase the interaction and add a new dimension to the communications. The FORGE 2022 will be our opportunity to connect or reconnect with the particle formulation community.

The FORGE 2022 is for everyone, and we especially encourage students & early stage researchers to get involved:

  • Share your passion for your research by delivering a presentation or poster
  • Gain experience in presenting to your peers in industry and academia
  • Take advantage of training to help you communicate why your research is so important to the world

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