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Particle Characterisation Interest Group

The Particle Characterisation Group (PCIG) provides a forum for anyone with an interest in dimensionally characterising single or assemblies of particles to meet to exchange views, discuss problems and generate ideas. It brings together diverse but interdependent specialists from many industries to provide a link between different industries and educational institutions.

Membership embraces chemists, physicists, pharmacists, engineers (chemical, mechanical and civil), and many other scientific disciplines concerned with solving the process problems that occur when size, shape, and/or distribution of particles changes or varies.

Frequent meetings of the PCIG are held on a friendly and informal basis to encourage the free exchange of ideas and to promote lively discussion.

Malvern Panalytical

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Meritics specialises in solving people’s particle characterisation needs. We provide instruments, sample testing facilities and consultancy options to fit in with whatever your requirements are. We work with some of the world’s leading particle characterisation instrument manufacturers to offer particle size measurement, surface area, particle concentration, charge, density, imaging and powder flow instrumentation including hire options for short term projects. In addition, our BioPharma Group offers cell counting and sizing, surface plasmon resonance, exosome and EV’s characterisation options.

 Our laboratory arm, Lawson Scientific, offers contract measurements for either short term projects, capacity shortfalls, development projects and QC work to help you with your problems.

Experienced staff, extensive knowledge, and a customer focused attitude have helped Meritics become a leading provider of particle characterisation solutions

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Particulate Sciences

Particulate Sensors Ltd provides solutions particle material characterisation instrumentation Particulate Sensors is the UK and Ireland distributor of Entegris/Particle Sizing Systems inc.

Particulate Sensors

Particular Sciences Ltd. specialises in technologies for the physical testing of chemicals and of materials in industry & research throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Our mission is to uphold excellence in material characterisation and life sciences technologies and to deliver the highest quality support to customers.