6 great reasons to present your research

Presenting to an audience can seem daunting and make you want to hide away, but there are so many reasons to present and share your research! Read on to find out why presenting at The FORGE conference will be highly beneficial to you.

Master your presentation skills – At some point during your career, you will need to present your research for a variety of reasons: to show your findings, to get funding, at a job interview, classroom teaching, and much more. Presenting at The FORGE will help you improve your presentation skills, helping you develop the expertise to showcase your research in a clear and meaningful way. You will be able to master how to answer specific questions, present to a group and explain your work to individuals who may not be familiar with your field of research.

Be an advocate for your field – You will be able to represent your field and spread knowledge to researchers in other fields, policy/decision makers and the public. As a scientist it’s very important to share findings with beyond your discipline to increase the visibility of research and provide interested individuals with more information.

Get feedback – Like-minded researchers and experts will be at The FORGE, presenting to them will be highly advantageous to you. They will be able to give you their feedback and share their knowledge: whether they think you have a good idea, and perhaps point you in the right direction for further research or provide constructive criticism, all of which will be very valuable to you and your work.

Build your CV – You can add your participation at The FORGE to your CV, whether you are a speaker or give a poster presentation. This will set you apart from other early-career scientists and show potential employers or grant-awarding bodies that you’re engaged in your field and take an active part within the community. 

Presenting your research at a conference is a great opportunity with many benefits. Anything you gain from the experience will be a huge bonus, and your contributions will be helping others. So, don’t hesitate, submit your abstract now and get involved!

Networking – The FORGE will be attended by like-minded scientists and researchers with similar interests. You’ll have the opportunity to network with them, discuss your particle characterization research and learn from others, and maybe form collaborations. The network you build could result in long-lasting friendships or even future employment.

Meet your hero – You could meet researchers or people from industry that you admire. Check to see if any of your heroes are presenting, as this can be the perfect chance for you to meet and network with them, and maybe even lay the foundations for a future collaboration.

They could also give you advice on things besides your research, such as getting your work published, gaining audience engagement and feedback on your presentation skills.

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