Introducing our plenary speakers: Dimitrios Lamprou

Dimitrios Lamprou

Dimitrios Lamprou (Ph.D. MBA) is Reader in Pharmaceutical Engineering and MSc director at the School of Pharmacy in QUB. Dimitrios is also the Chair at United Kingdom and Ireland Controlled Release Society (UKICRS) and Chair of the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences (APS) Emerging Technologies Focus Group.

He has authored 120+ publications, 300+ conference abstracts, and has given 120+ invited talks. Dimitrios has secured Co-I or PI, National and International Funding in excess of £2.5M, and is currently involved in a variety of industrial projects. His research and academic leadership have been recognized in a range of awards, including the RPS Science Award and the SULSA Leaders Scheme Award. Dimitrios’ expertise is in emerging technologies for drug delivery systems and medical devices & implants.

Examples of emerging biopharmaceutical & pharmaceutical technologies include: 3D printing & bioprinting, electrospinning, microfluidics & Lab-on-a-chip, and BioMEMS. For more info, please visit:

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