Introducing our plenary speakers: Chandresh Malde

Chandresh Malde

Chandresh Malde is a Senior Principal Scientist in Johnson Matthey. Over the last 25 years, he has been working in the Technology Centre in Sonning Common, South Oxfordshire, which is the main R&D hub providing scientific & technical support to all the Sectors in Johnson Matthey. His background is in colloid science, with expertise in rheology, particle size and shape analysis, zeta potential, interfacial science, and material science.

He has a global responsibility in formulation science with extensive experience in coating technologies such as inkjet development, screen printing, spray coating and other deposition methods; particle precipitation for large scale catalyst synthesis, battery technologies, fuels cells, blue & green hydrogen materials, pharmaceuticals, powder processing, powder and slurry transport properties. 

Chandresh is the scientific interface between R&D and manufacturing working from small research processes, to multi-tonne scale manufacturing lines. Prior to Johnson Matthey, he was working for the European Space Agency, based in UCL studying the feasibility of bare Al metal thin films for optimum reflectivity of Lyman a wavelength within a spectrometer housed in a low-earth orbit space shuttle.

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